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Ayesha W.

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Hi there! I am Ayesha Wan, an aspiring full-stack developer with an interest in system/network administration. I graduated in August 2017 from the University of Otago, New Zealand with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (major) and Information Science (minor). Additionally, I have experience in Linux system/network administration as part of my degree.

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2017 Semester 1 project


I had been working on a semester project (semester 1, 2017) as part of my information science minor requirement to develop a loyalty rewards system using RESTful web service, integrating with Vend SAAS service. I am familiar with Angular.js using the Model View Controller (MVC) design to separate the information entered by clients and how the data is manipulated by the controller, updating the view of the loyalty service application. I have used it to create a loyalty service user interface using an AJAX client and using Apache Camel for the project.

2017 Semester 1 project

Semester 1 2017 project: INFO323 Distributed Information Systems


Adopt a cat responsice layout page 1

Responsive layout


I followed the front-end developer track on TeamTreeHouse to learn how to create a basic HTML layout that is responsive and have learned to start with a mobile-first approach.
Credit for image placeholder: Place Kitten
Cat ipsum content generator: Cat ipsum

Adopt a cat layout page 1

Adopt a cat website template

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Desktop layout

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PHP personal media library web app repository


I followed the PHP development track on learning PHP programming to build a personal media library on TeamTreeHouse

Personal media library PHP web app

PHP web application: Personal Media library

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Feel free to flick me an email for further questions.